My Name Poem

28 09 2009
It means musical, biker, camper
It is two million
It is like cozy t-shirts and grapes
It is a memory of my camp counselers
Who taught me to build a fire
When it was cold
My name is Suzy
It means cheerleader and friend


26 09 2009


Make your manga face at That’s mine up there.

New Blog!

26 09 2009

Okay folks, I’ve got another blog now! This one is for Girl Scout things! Check it out:

I’m Back!

20 09 2009

I’m back from Camp Arrowhead. It was a reunion for the staff there. TechnoEarthMama was camp director for 2 years and her old chair is still there! I had a good time and wish someone would vote on my Music Video Awards. 🙂 :-p

Off To Camp We Go!

18 09 2009

I’m about to head over to Camp Arrowhead for a couple of days. No posts until Sunday, when I return. Goodbye! 🙂

My Music Video Awards Part 5

15 09 2009

Here is our last entry. It’s The Jackson 5 with I Want You Back.

Please vote by commenting on this post and saying which video is best.

If no votes come in by Jan 1st I will order them any way I want.

My Music Video Awards Part 4

14 09 2009

Here’s our fourth entry. Emily Osment with All the Way Up.