4 09 2009

Hello! I, KatsumaSuz, am going to write about comics, movies, tv, music, and animals. I have a cat named Chocolate. Her old owners said she used to have a brother named Chip. My favorite comic book character is Wonder Woman. When I first got a WW book I delayed reading so I could finish Batman and Superman first. Then the TV interrupted my reading and I didn’t read it right then. When I went to bed I got a chance to read it-even though  I was up till 10:30. It was really good. Now I get Wonder Woman books all the time.

🙂 Goodbye!




One response

5 09 2009
Aunt Wendy

I haven’t read any Wonder Woman comic books, but when we were kids we had a Wonder Woman book and tape that I liked to listen to a lot while I looked at the pictures. I liked reading about how Wonder Woman’s mother made her out of clay.

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