H2O: Just Add Water

6 09 2009

H2O: Just Add Water is a television show about three girls named Cleo, Emma, and Rikki, who get stranded on an island. When Cleo slips trying to jump over a gap, she falls down a hole and Emma goes down to get her, but Rikki followed. They explored the hole, finding a pool of water. Emma checks for an exit. She returns to pull Rikki and Cleo in. Cleo was very reluctant, for she can’t swim. They float as the moon comes over the hole in the cave and gives them power to turn into a mermaid-they  don’t know yet.

The next morning when Cleo takes a bath, she turns into a mermaid. Emma goes for a swim at the beach and turns into one too. Rikki got hit by a sprinkler and transformed. They meet each other again and discover they have powers. They cannot control themselves from turning into mermaids.

Cleo has brown hair, Emma and Rikki have blonde hair.

Learn more at http://h2o.wikia.com/wiki/H2O:_Just_Add_Water_Wiki




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