Back to School

11 09 2009

We’ve started going back to school now. Now it’s REALLY hot on the playground-wasn’t this hot last year. Today we had a picnic in Knott Park for a treat. That playground was BURNING HOT. I touched some metal and almost burned my hand.

My cat ends up outside all the time because nobody’s around to let her in.

When I told everyone that we only have two recesses now, they were really surprised. Especially Brooklyn. She’s really short.

I’m having a good time at school so far-except when i hurt my hands from writing so much. 🙂




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11 09 2009
Aunt Wendy

I remember when we went from having three recesses to only two when we got older, too. I liked swinging and playing a game with playground balls at recess. I’m glad you’re liking school so far this year!

12 09 2009


12 09 2009

Hey Suzy! It’s Sabreena, from camp! I just saw your web, it’s SO cool! I’ll come by and see your updates soon! 🙂

12 09 2009

Thanks! 🙂

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