Meet Kayla

11 10 2009


On January 15, 2000, a baby girl was born. Her mother, as she had no father, named the baby girl Kayla. Gifts were given. Things like clothes, diapers, and toys. Kayla was quickly dressed in a tiny pair of pink pants, a lavender shirt, and a sky blue hat. In 2001 the little girl started crawling and saying “Mama” and “Eat.” In 2002 Kayla started walking and saying, “Mama, I’m hungry” and things like that. Now it’s 2003. What troubles will this 3 year old girl run into?

Meet Kayla

“Kayla! Mama needs you to take a nap!” called Kayla’s mother. “Kayla coming!” called Kayla (a.k.a Princess of Dreams) Kayla headed to the basement, where she had a place of her own. Her room was decorated with posters of the TV show Superwhy, and the original Princess of Dreams, her aunt Flora. Aunt Flora had pretended to be a princess when she was three, on Halloween. That day, she had been called the Princess of Dreams. Kayla was getting set for Halloween in her dreams. She went to sleep, with Halloween dreams lurking in her head. Kay dreamed that she was wearing a pink dress, like Princess Presto from Superwhy wore, and waving a magic wand around. She drifted off into a haunted house dream.

It’s dinnertime and Kayla is eating Roast Beef and Broccoli for din.  She imagines it is a princess meal of Broiled Ham and Broccoli Chips. “Kay, what are you imagining? Your elbow is in your broccoli.” “Huh? Oh… oopsies” The doorbell rings. “Flora!” “Auntie Flowa? Zip-A-Dee-Do-Da!” “Here’s the Princess of Dreams costume. Got to hurry now- I’ve got a taxi waiting.” The costume was much fancier than Kayla’s dreams. It seemed like the best thing ever!

The next day, at Kay’s preschool, she showed everyone the costume.

Everyone loved her costume! Especially Ms John. At recess, Ms John had Kayla stay in so she could paint a picture of her.

On Halloween, Kay went trick-or-treating with her best friend, Bethany. Beth was an angel. They picked up candy from 15 houses. Their bags were almost full when some teenagers ran after them. Soon Kayla’s mom came to their rescue. Bethany stayed the night at Kay’s house. They both slept with happy dreams of that night.

The End.




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