29 10 2009

Fantage: It stands for Fantastic Age. Muy fantastico!

You can buy sweaters, costumes, furniture, stickers, (for your IDFone),boards, and even hair! But you can’t say certain words. Not even the word Cute! It changes date to friend and cute to cool. I’m not sure what it’s changed to if you say stupid though…

You can meet friends, and play games. Have a party! Or a prom! You can do almost anything on Fantage. You can jump, wink, cry, or wave, too. But there is one downside. You must pay to get certain things. 😦 But you can buy other stuff.

If you are interested in finding me on there, I am suzym and I’m usually in Amber Antelope, but if I can’t I’m in Blue Tiger. My BFF on there is hannahm68. Usually I head to a prom or party, so I’ll say where I’m going if you’re trying to catch me.





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