The Twelve Painting Girls

28 11 2009

The Twelve Painting Girls

Chapter One: Meet the Girls

Once there were twelve sisters. Their names were Abigail, Brittany, Claudia, Dena, Elle, Flen, Ginny, Haley, Inessa, Janey, Kylie, and Lilla. Abigail was the eldest and Lilla the youngest. Haley and Inessa were twins and Janey, Kylie, and Lilla were triplets.   Their father, Leonard, bought them a cat named Nellie. The princesses’ mother, Opal, bought them a dog named Piney. The girls adored painting.


Chapter Two: Tutors and Triplets

One day it was decided that Janey, Kylie, and Lilla were to have a special tutor for history because they were spending their time painting instead of doing schoolwork. “Mom, are we seriously getting a tutor”, said Kylie. Kylie was a serious girl for six years old.

“Yes, of course you are. Why would I lie to you”, said Opal. When Mrs. Paints, the tutor, arrived…It was a disaster! Janey, Kylie, and Lilla learned a lot, but they were always painting at the same time! Opal did not enjoy this. Janey argued with her mother that Mrs. Paints should stay, but mother said she was to go. Janey was stained with tears when she left.


Chapter Three: Miss Banana

One day Ginny, the middle child, said, “I’m Miss Banana.

Opal had no inkling of what she was talking about. What Ginnie was talking about was the game Abigail created when she was four. Abigail was playing with Brittany, who at the time was two. Claudia was a baby and Opal and Leonard had just buried their old dog, Nixie.

“I’m Miss Banana today”, Abigail had said.

“Okay”, said Brittany.

It all started when Abigail was two and Brittany was a newborn. Abigail had just held Brittany in her arms and said, “She looks like a banana.” The baby was wrapped in yellow cloth. Everyone in the hospital laughed-Even the doctors and nurses! So Brittany was called Miss Banana.

When Abigail said,” I’m Miss Banana today” she meant that she wore all yellow and Brittany wore rainbow. Everyone had to call her Miss Banana for the rest of the day.


Chapter Four: The Computers

One day six computers arrived at the girls’ house. Each girl had a room partner (or in the triplets’ case, two partners). The room pairs were Abigail and Brittany, Claudia and Dena, Elle and Flen, Haley and Inessa, and Janey, Kylie, and Lilla. Poor Ginny got a room with Opal and Leonard. Each computer was to go in a room. The triplets squealed with delight as the computers arrived. They wanted to paint, write, learn, and…Everything! Opal and Leonard hogged the computer, so Ginny only got to use it for fifteen minutes.

Sometime later in the week, Ginny got a whole day at home in her and her parents bedroom. Ginny had caught chicken pox! Everyone avoided her. And Ginny couldn’t use the computer!

But that didn’t matter. What did matter is that she was safe from boiled spinach, since no one would visit her.


Chapter Five: Moshi Monsters

One day when Flen was playing on the computer an ad popped up saying,” ADOPT A MOSHI MONSTER.” Flen immediately clicked it. All of the possible choices of monsters were Katsuma, Diavlo, Furi, Zommer, Poppet, and Luvli. Flen chose the Luvli and made it purple and pink. Then she sent an e-mail inviting her sisters to join Moshi Monsters. Even Ginny! She still had chicken pox. Flen took care of her Luvli, whom she named MJ because she liked to listen to Michael Jackson’s music. Flen suddenly remembered that sending e-mail to each person would mean that there would be more than one e-mail on each computer (except on Ginny’s and her own). “Oh, that’s okay” thought Flen. It would be in a different mailbox, thank goodness. Soon everyone joined Moshi Monsters. BELOW IS A LIST OF WHAT EVERYONE HAD:













Soon everyone had at least twelve friends, family and one person they met.


Chapter Six: Musical Paints

The next week Flen was banned from using Moshi Monsters. She didn’t take good care of it. Elle took care of it for her.

That day also brought a surprise package. It was paints that made music when you used them! Flen ran to try them out, but Leonard stopped her. “No way, girl! You’re grounded, remember!” he said. So Ginny, who had recently gotten over her Pox, ran to them. “May I please use the Musical Paints?”

“If you tell me everything about them.”

“Made in China, the Musical Paints are paintbrushes that act as microphones and help you sing to whatever song you want.”

So Ginny got to use the paints. She sang to Taylor Swift music all day long.


Chapter Seven: Poco la Casa el Medio la Escuela

As the twins, Haley and Inessa, were turning thirteen, they realized the major problem: Middle School. They were going to attend Poco la Casa el Medio la Escuela (Translated: Little House Middle School). They wanted to speak Spanish. They studied Spanish. Soon they knew some Spanish phrases. Hola mi nombre es, Buenos días, Buenas noches, and Gracias.

When they traveled off, they knew they would be missed, but they also knew they could travel back whenever.

Chapter eight: la Universidad

Abigail, Brittany, and Claudia were heading to Mexico with the twins. They were going to attend la Universidad. They knew the Spanish phrases the twins knew, and some other ones. Mayo I mirar a la pelicula, Podemos ver el musical, and la comida. “May we have la comida before we go?” Abigail asked. So they had some food.

When the girls got on the plane, Abigail realized that her bags were at her friend Olivia’s house! “Brittany! My bags! They’re at Olivia’s!”

“Oh no! Claudia! Abby’s bags are at Livi’s!”

“Uh oh… Mom’s gonna be mad….”

Chapter nine: Find the Bags

Abigail tapped on the flight attendant and said,”Excuse me, Can you have the plane turned around?” The attendant said, ¿Cómo? ¿Qué dijiste?” Oops. Abby forgot that she was on a Spanish plane. She replied by saying, “se puede girar el avión alrededor de favor?” The attendant replied by saying,”Si!” So the plane got turned around.

Abby ran towards Olivia’s house the minute the plane landed for her. Olivia was sitting on the porch, waiting for Abby to get her bags. Livi tossed the bags over and Abby ran back towards the plane yelling, “Adios amigo!”

Chapter ten: Adios Amigos

After the five girls had been sent to Mexico, the other seven got quite bored. Then a letter arrived. It invited them to a ball in Mexico, at la Universidad. So they packed their bags, ready to head off to Mexico. But then another letter came. It said they needed to bring a date….



27 11 2009

Babydow is a website where you can take care of babies. You start with a few hours and move all the way up to 36 months.

You get to pick the gender of your first baby. Girl or Boy. You get your second baby by going to your garden and planting a magic seed. It turns out either a girl or boy. On my Babydow I have a boy and a girl.

Once the babies are 3 months old, they can participate in activities. You don’t see them in activities, they just do them. After the activity is done, they have a place. 1, 2 ,3, 4, or 5. For 1,2, and 3, they get medals, which you can see in the baby’s hit parade. Also at 3 months, you can enroll them in a nursery.

Money on BD is beads. You get them daily, for buying clothes, toilets, nappy changing tables, nappies, snugglies, and many other things.

My babies, Carson and Susanna, like to do things together. They also need lots of clothes. My babies grew earlier this month, and I had to shop for a whole bunch of new things!

If you have a Babydow, you can find me. I’m SuzyM on there.

See Ya!

Happy Thanksgiving!

26 11 2009

Happy Thanksgiving! We’re having dinner soon. Turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes. And probably more. Yum!


I’m thankful for..

  • Food
  • Clothes
  • Friends
  • Family


  • Love.

Happy Thanksgiving!



22 11 2009

The first strange thing I have noticed is on Build A Bear Ville. I usually have no buddies online on there. But on Fantage a whole bunch of my buddies are on! And on Moshi Monsters, I never know! I can’t have any buddies on Neopets, because it takes a whole lot of time and stuff.

Secondly, I keep finding my Fantage buddies logging off and then right back on! I really don’t understand that.

Third, my Webkinz expires on Dec. 26th. I don’t understand the expiration date because I mad my account on the 25th. And why does it expire anyways? They’re pets people! Do pets expire? NO!!!!!!!!!



21 11 2009

*Sigh* Nothing to do. Yawn. HELP!


To do

Read  *done*

Eat *done*

Sleep *not done*

H.P. #7

19 11 2009

H.P. #7. Lst bk. V dies. H.P. and G.W. mry and R.W. mrys H.G. Snp dies. B.W. and F.D. mry. Nt mre 2 say, sry.


If you can decode what I just said, post it here in a comment.

Harry Potter 6

19 11 2009

This book has much to do with Voldemort (No, I am NOT a Weasley). Albus D. is dead and Severus S. has killed him. Draco M. is a Death Eater. It’s very exciting. I wish I could post more, but I really don’t have much more to say.