Harry Potter #4

7 11 2009

So, I finished this one in two days. They brought back Dobby, so at first I wasn’t sure I liked it. But it was really good. The World Cup, (Quidditch), Fred and George’s jokes, Sirius, and (Try not to flinch) Voldemort. It was surprising to learn of that Harry’s wand had a brother. And poor Cedric. Why did Voldemort kill him? And there was Viktor Krum. Plus the Yule Ball. And the Triwizard Tournament. Interesting Portkey, the Triwizard cup. And Percy! Stop Apparating! Bad Floo network. Hope you enjoyed the book. I loved it.




One response

8 11 2009

I remember when I first read this I thought it was way too long, and I got a little bored with the Triwizard Tournament, but upon re-reading I appreciated all the different characters she brought in a lot more. Plus all our old favorites. Fred and George are always funny (Matthew and I like to joke about Gred and Forge).

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