27 11 2009

Babydow is a website where you can take care of babies. You start with a few hours and move all the way up to 36 months.

You get to pick the gender of your first baby. Girl or Boy. You get your second baby by going to your garden and planting a magic seed. It turns out either a girl or boy. On my Babydow I have a boy and a girl.

Once the babies are 3 months old, they can participate in activities. You don’t see them in activities, they just do them. After the activity is done, they have a place. 1, 2 ,3, 4, or 5. For 1,2, and 3, they get medals, which you can see in the baby’s hit parade. Also at 3 months, you can enroll them in a nursery.

Money on BD is beads. You get them daily, for buying clothes, toilets, nappy changing tables, nappies, snugglies, and many other things.

My babies, Carson and Susanna, like to do things together. They also need lots of clothes. My babies grew earlier this month, and I had to shop for a whole bunch of new things!

If you have a Babydow, you can find me. I’m SuzyM on there.

See Ya!




One response

2 12 2009

hello 🙂 i’m on babydow too, and ill add you XD

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