My Videos!

25 02 2010

I made these LEGO and Barbie videos with stop motion animation. Here they are! Please tell me if you like them or not!



My Favorite Harry Potter Songs

25 02 2010

Xmas Rulez, Voldemort Droolz and The Twelve Days of Wizard Christmas. Xmas Rulez is by Harry and the Potters and the other one is by Gred and Forge. I LOVE those songs because they are silly. But sadly, I have only heard Christmas songs mostly because Napster only has the stupid Draco and the Malfoys. They sound superdumb.

If anyone has some good pictures of the constellations Pegasus, Draco, or Gemini, could you give me a copy? I’m working on some movies about those constellations, and I need pictures of them. Thanx!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

12 02 2010

Happy V-Day peeps! I’m having a good V weekend. 3 days off from school! Yay! Plus I get to go to OMSI tomorrow! Have a good weekend!