Lilly’s Lollipop Shop

11 07 2010

Lilly’s Lollipop Shop     by Suzy

One day as three year old Lilly was walking down the street; she saw a small lollipop shop. She squealed, “Ooh! Lollies!” and ran toward the shop that no one else seemed to see. Once inside she saw the most marvelous lollipops! There were so many colors and flavors, there were even some that tasted like vegetables! There was no owner there but a sign that said, “FREE LOLLIPOPS.” Lilly could only read the part that said “FREE.” She grabbed a large paper bag and put these flavors in it: spinach, broccoli, bubblegum, eggs, sausage, licorice, strawberry, salmon, orange, lemon, lime, apple, carrot, and root beer. She brought them all back to her house, where she shared them with her sister and mom. They loved the lollipops, but only Lilly could see the store and her family could not get in! Lilly ran inside the shop and found a remote control and pointed it at her mom and pushed the button marked “ENTER” and her mother could see the shop! She did the same for her sister. They decided to go home get their sleeping bags and live there until all the lollipops were gone.

The lollipops were never gone.





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