Toy Story 3

18 08 2010

Toy Story 3 was a really good movie. It starts with Andy’s mom filming different events. Then we see Andy, working on a laptop computer. His mom comes in and tells him he needs to start packing for college.

He puts his toys, all of them but Woody, into a garbage bag, and means to take them into the attic. Then Molly comes along, needing help with her Sunnyside box. Andy puts the toys down and helps her. His mom finds the bag and not knowing what it is, takes it to the garbage. The toys nearly get smushed. They escaped under the recycling bin and into Molly’s box of toys to give to Sunnyside Daycare. Woody follows them to daycare.

They meet some weird toys. They almost die. They are given to a little girl named Bonnie, all of them, including Woody. And then there’s the credits, which have a little epilogue.

I saw this June 18th, but I forgot to write my review of it. I give the movie 2 thumbs up!



15 08 2010

I’ve been at camp the past week, so I couldn’t blog. But now I’m back and going to start some more stop motion videos.


1 08 2010

I made 2 new movies recently! One is stop motion and the other is composed of pictures.