Funny Lego Pictures

31 12 2010

Fruit salad, yummy yummy

Rescuing that cat up his tree was a bigger deal than Neil thought.

I got the idea or these pictures from Hope you like them.

Luna built the seesaw and Neil brought the parts. Buzz fixed the windows while the others stood around. The project was going well.

Neil wondered how big the Super Size drink was if this was the large one.



23 12 2010

I was in Seattle, Washington the past couple of days because it was winter break. My hotel was right by the Space Needle. I went to Harry Potter: The Exhibition at the Pacific Science Center. I also went to the other exhibits and completed Mindbender Mansion. My family had headed down to to the Science Fiction Museum, which is also home to a musical area. We mainly went there for the Battlestar Galactica exhibit, but liked the music area best. The Space Needle was humongous and was light up with some Christmas lights at the top. We visited my relatives and we are ready for Christmas! Also, my birthday is coming up in January. Bye!


23 12 2010

I recently saw TRON:Legacy in 3D. It was brilliant! I may have gotten home past my bedtime, but it was awesome!

Flynn’s son Sam has entered the computer world and finally found his dad. He has also found a girl named Quorra who is the last of her kind.The music score was amazing and I give this movie two thumbs up!

I would tell you more, but I’m afraid I’ll give out way too many spoilers.