Hobin Rood

13 05 2011

Hobin Rood

by Suzy M. and Kayley K. ©2011

Tonce opon a uime, Hobin Rood lived in Ferwood Shorest in his hree touse. His best friend Jittle Lohn was out hunting one day when his niece, Bune Jug, appeared at his door! She screamed, “The giant agical malligator is chasing me ’cause I ate his malligator baby eggies!”Hobin yelled for Jittle Lohn, who rushed out of nowhere to help his best friend and his niece. The three grabbed aows and barrows and ran ninto the ight.

Tonce they reached the malligator, Hobin tried to leap over it, but it jumped on top of him. Hobin pulled back his aow, let go, and shot his only barrow into the malligator’s heart.Bune Jug squealed with delight and ran back to her touse. Hobin and Lohn took the malligator back home to eat for supper.

                   They lived appily aver hefter!

This kind of story is called a spoonerism. You mix up the letters to make the story sound funny. This is a story Kayley K. and I wrote at our school. Thanks for reading! Illustration:




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