Woohoo! Phone posting!

27 03 2012

Well, I got a phone today. It does not make calls or text, but it does have apps! So, now I can post from here (which is rather hard). It isn’t very fast and I don’t understand it too well yet. Well, I guess it is handy for on the go posts! Blogging from camp (not GS camp)! Woohoo! Wish me luck with this phone!




31 12 2011

Well, It’s January 31st again. Christmas has passed. The new year is about to ring in. My birthday comes shortly after. I hope everyone has enjoyed my blog this past year. It was a very fun year for me. Between camp, traveling to Seattle, and the neverending stream of movies I have watched, I have nothing new to say. Except for one thing.



10 07 2011

I am about to head off to Girl Scout Camp!!!!!!! EEEEEEEEP!

See you back on SBG soon!



15 08 2010

I’ve been at camp the past week, so I couldn’t blog. But now I’m back and going to start some more stop motion videos.

Adventures- Starting From End of May

3 07 2010

I haven’t blogged for quite a while- I’ve been too busy!

At the end of May, I went to the Historical Society and the Art Museum here in PDX. It was fun to see all of the art and historical things.

On June 17 my class went to Baskin Robbins. We walked there and then had ice cream.

On June 18, we had field day. The funniest part was when a water balloon exploded on my friend’s coat.  Then after school we saw Toy Story 3, which I will be reviewing later.

Soon afterwards, at the end of June, we headed to the Astoria KOA (Kampgrounds Of America). I slept on the highest bunk!

Then comes today. We came home from the KOA and found that there were fleas everywhere and cat poop on the kitchen floor! Poor Chocolate. I guess we left her alone at home too long. 😦

While at the KOA, we went to the Tillamook Cheese Factory, where I got a “DANCES WITH COWS” hat. We also stopped on the beach and collected TONS of seashells and one crabshell. We went to Fort Stevens and looked at the stuff there, too.

I hope you are all having a good summer!



11 10 2009

Ouch! My fingers hurt! I spent the whole day at camp yesterday, and guess what? I did archery all day. No fingerguards. Only time I didn’t have to do it is lunch. But we were outside, and it was FREEZING!

Remind me to stop doing archery next time I go camping.