Restaurant Review: Shari’s

7 05 2011

My menu:

Drink: Strawberry Milk*

Appetizer: Chunk-a Hunk-a Applesauce**

Main dish: Super Maxx’s Chicken Strips

Dessert: Oreo Sippin Shake

Two thumbs up!

*too pulpy for my liking

**really, it was just apple pie filling

Shari’s website:


Hungry Monkey: The Review

26 03 2011

Before I actually start reviewing this, I need to tell the readers that I liked this so much that I read it 3 times in row. On to the review!

This book is about my cousin, Iris and her funky eating habits. It is full of recipes and cooking tips. It is an excellent book and I can’t think of anything more to write about it because if write any more, I will just be writing the book online, and that would not really work. So this book is about food. And family. And how to bring a lot of snacks to preschool. See? I’m already saying too much about the book! So read Hungry Monkey by Matthew Amster-Burton and write your own review- before mine gives away too much info!