Good LEGO Video Game Subjects

1 07 2011

I’ve been thinking that LEGO should make some more games! Lego Harry Potter 2 is on the way, and Pirates of the┬áCaribbean just came out. Here are some more things that should be made into LEGO games.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: A show with seven seasons, changed into a video game. Each season would have eleven levels, because there were 22 episodes per season, except in the first one. 2 episodes could fit into one level.

TRON: The 2 TRON movies would make up one great video game, although they may be planning a third. There could be 6 levels for each movie.

Star Trek: With all those movies, you are going to need a lot of games! I would think that a game with the original movies would be good, and then a second one for newer movies that are coming out.

I will update this post every so often, so put your game ideas in the comments to be added to the post!



23 12 2010

I was in Seattle, Washington the past couple of days because it was winter break. My hotel was right by the Space Needle. I went to Harry Potter: The Exhibition at the Pacific Science Center. I also went to the other exhibits and completed Mindbender Mansion. My family had headed down to to the Science Fiction Museum, which is also home to a musical area. We mainly went there for the Battlestar Galactica exhibit, but liked the music area best. The Space Needle was humongous and was light up with some Christmas lights at the top. We visited my relatives and we are ready for Christmas! Also, my birthday is coming up in January. Bye!

Cool Avatars

11 07 2010

I may use these in the future.