Woohoo! Phone posting!

27 03 2012

Well, I got a phone today. It does not make calls or text, but it does have apps! So, now I can post from here (which is rather hard). It isn’t very fast and I don’t understand it too well yet. Well, I guess it is handy for on the go posts! Blogging from camp (not GS camp)! Woohoo! Wish me luck with this phone!




31 12 2011

Well, It’s January 31st again. Christmas has passed. The new year is about to ring in. My birthday comes shortly after. I hope everyone has enjoyed my blog this past year. It was a very fun year for me. Between camp, traveling to Seattle, and the neverending stream of movies I have watched, I have nothing new to say. Except for one thing.



10 07 2011

I am about to head off to Girl Scout Camp!!!!!!! EEEEEEEEP!

See you back on SBG soon!


My Awesome Weekend (with a friend!)

24 05 2011

Restaurant Review: Elmer’s

Drink: Apple Juice

Main: Chocolate chip pancakes

Stars: 4 (pancakes too chocolatey)

Store Review: Ikea

Ground floor: pretty boring, but comfortable chairs

Top Floor: My friend and I are both attempting to live up there, it’s so awesome!

Candy: Toffee laces (not so good!)

Stars: 50 million!

Nail Garden:

Pedicure Choices: Me- DS Magic sparkly blue color/ Friend –¬†Orange Knockout (super neon!)

Manicure Choices: Me- Sour Apple/Friend – Pink Punch (we think)

Stars: 5

Restaurant Review: Jamba Juice

Me: Apples ‘n’ Greens

Friend: Pomegranate Pick-Me-Up

Stars: 4 (we picked out not so good smoothies!)

Restaurant Review: Panda Express

Me: Orange chicken, fried rice, a cookie and root beer.

Friend: The same, but with a sprite

Stars: 5

Overall, it was the best day we’ve had together for a long time! The last time was when we went….. well, I don’t quite remember. Bye!

Restaurant Review: Shari’s

7 05 2011

My menu:

Drink: Strawberry Milk*

Appetizer: Chunk-a Hunk-a Applesauce**

Main dish: Super Maxx’s Chicken Strips

Dessert: Oreo Sippin Shake

Two thumbs up!

*too pulpy for my liking

**really, it was just apple pie filling

Shari’s website: www.sharis.com

My Awards: Music Section

12 02 2011

These awards, like my MVAs last year, are for music. And movies. And books.

Taylor Swift: Mine

Glee Cast: Somebody to Love

Katy Perry: Firework

To vote you¬† listen to the songs on YouTube (click the artist’s song), but the videos wouldn’t play on here because they are VEVO or have Sony Entertainment parts.

Oh yeah, BTW, YouTube decided that you have to have a google account to use it, so you may need to try iTunes or Napster or something like that, so links probably don’t work right now.

Vote in comments!

Happy Birthday to Me!

6 01 2011

Yay! I’m 11! I will be using mr kitty headphones as my avatar- I need to do that on my normal computer, though. See you later! Late Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Listening to awesome Glee music and noticing that it’s 6:42 AM. Bye!