My Awards: Music Section

12 02 2011

These awards, like my MVAs last year, are for music. And movies. And books.

Taylor Swift: Mine

Glee Cast: Somebody to Love

Katy Perry: Firework

To vote you  listen to the songs on YouTube (click the artist’s song), but the videos wouldn’t play on here because they are VEVO or have Sony Entertainment parts.

Oh yeah, BTW, YouTube decided that you have to have a google account to use it, so you may need to try iTunes or Napster or something like that, so links probably don’t work right now.

Vote in comments!


Happy Birthday to Me!

6 01 2011

Yay! I’m 11! I will be using mr kitty headphones as my avatar- I need to do that on my normal computer, though. See you later! Late Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Listening to awesome Glee music and noticing that it’s 6:42 AM. Bye!


23 12 2010

I recently saw TRON:Legacy in 3D. It was brilliant! I may have gotten home past my bedtime, but it was awesome!

Flynn’s son Sam has entered the computer world and finally found his dad. He has also found a girl named Quorra who is the last of her kind.The music score was amazing and I give this movie two thumbs up!

I would tell you more, but I’m afraid I’ll give out way too many spoilers.



Happy Spring Break!

20 03 2010

Woot! Spring Break! Fun-filled days where you can do ANYTHING! Unfortunately, I have to spend my break cleaning and switching rooms with my sister. Sheesh. On the bright side, I can visit the library a lot. And I can read more of A Series Of Unfortunate Events. Yay. I’ll review those in one big huge article. And now I have to go pick up. Oh, and by the way, I finally got to see This Is It. Yay!

My Favorite Harry Potter Songs

25 02 2010

Xmas Rulez, Voldemort Droolz and The Twelve Days of Wizard Christmas. Xmas Rulez is by Harry and the Potters and the other one is by Gred and Forge. I LOVE those songs because they are silly. But sadly, I have only heard Christmas songs mostly because Napster only has the stupid Draco and the Malfoys. They sound superdumb.

If anyone has some good pictures of the constellations Pegasus, Draco, or Gemini, could you give me a copy? I’m working on some movies about those constellations, and I need pictures of them. Thanx!

And the Winner is…..

20 01 2010

Billie Jean AND 7 Things!

Coming in at second is Our Song!

At third is I Want You Back!

And last, but not least, All the Way Up at fourth (Dang, I really like this song)!

Thanks for watching!

P.S: This is for the Music Video Awards I was doing.

My Music Video Awards Part 5

15 09 2009

Here is our last entry. It’s The Jackson 5 with I Want You Back.

Please vote by commenting on this post and saying which video is best.

If no votes come in by Jan 1st I will order them any way I want.