School play

13 04 2012

I am at school right now, waiting for the play to begin. I am not in it this year, but my dear friend who doesn’t want to be named id, and I am here to support her since this is her first acting role besides last year’s talent show in elementary school. Wish her luck!


Adventures- Starting From End of May

3 07 2010

I haven’t blogged for quite a while- I’ve been too busy!

At the end of May, I went to the Historical Society and the Art Museum here in PDX. It was fun to see all of the art and historical things.

On June 17 my class went to Baskin Robbins. We walked there and then had ice cream.

On June 18, we had field day. The funniest part was when a water balloon exploded on my friend’s coat.  Then after school we saw Toy Story 3, which I will be reviewing later.

Soon afterwards, at the end of June, we headed to the Astoria KOA (Kampgrounds Of America). I slept on the highest bunk!

Then comes today. We came home from the KOA and found that there were fleas everywhere and cat poop on the kitchen floor! Poor Chocolate. I guess we left her alone at home too long. 😦

While at the KOA, we went to the Tillamook Cheese Factory, where I got a “DANCES WITH COWS” hat. We also stopped on the beach and collected TONS of seashells and one crabshell. We went to Fort Stevens and looked at the stuff there, too.

I hope you are all having a good summer!


Happy Spring Break!

20 03 2010

Woot! Spring Break! Fun-filled days where you can do ANYTHING! Unfortunately, I have to spend my break cleaning and switching rooms with my sister. Sheesh. On the bright side, I can visit the library a lot. And I can read more of A Series Of Unfortunate Events. Yay. I’ll review those in one big huge article. And now I have to go pick up. Oh, and by the way, I finally got to see This Is It. Yay!


17 10 2009

You know the Football with a Heart today? Turns out the ad that was shown on television was filmed at MY SCHOOL!!!!!!! Take a look : I think it was during Kids Club. Those are the fourth graders. I am in 4th, but there was a slight overload in 4th, so I’m in the 5th grade group.

Back to School

11 09 2009

We’ve started going back to school now. Now it’s REALLY hot on the playground-wasn’t this hot last year. Today we had a picnic in Knott Park for a treat. That playground was BURNING HOT. I touched some metal and almost burned my hand.

My cat ends up outside all the time because nobody’s around to let her in.

When I told everyone that we only have two recesses now, they were really surprised. Especially Brooklyn. She’s really short.

I’m having a good time at school so far-except when i hurt my hands from writing so much. 🙂