ASOUFE: The Bad Beginning

29 04 2010

In the first ASOUFE, the Baudlaires travel to count Olaf’s after a terrible fire.

Olaf is a horrible man who wants to be rich. The children are Violet, Klaus, and Sunny, and they like to invent, read, and bite. Bite? Yes, bite.

If you can figure out what ASOUFE is, I’ll change my avatar, which currently says, “I make random Harry Potter references to see if anyone gets them. They never do.”

See ya! Gotta get ready for school!



29 04 2010

I’m going on a field trip to Lelooska soon! Yay! Uh…Not yay! Because I have to ride the bus for 45 minutes! Aaah! Uh…Bye! Yeah, bye! I’m crazy today! Aaah. it’s 7:57! Gotta go!

LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4

4 04 2010

Heard of this yet? We’ve been looking forward to it ever since Suzy heard about it. And finally, it’s coming out in May! “Waaa” Beth says. “I want it NOW.”

We have decided to post the best videos of gameplay, previews, and behind the scenes feature. We will also create a LEGO page for our lovely LEGO videos and info about games.

This is the best gameplay video for LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4

And the best preview!

Last, but not least, the best behind the scenes video!

Oh, and Happy Easter!